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Nowruz mobarak everyone! Happy persian new year! May it be filled with love and laughter and joy!

(Our haft-sin table: my mama makes it pretty ^~^)

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  9. princesspessimism said: happy persian new year to you.may this year be a very good one to you and to your dear didn’t know you were Persian?!
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Welcome to Platform 9¾

Hi! My name's Ellie. I'm a 30 year old student from CA who still has no idea what the hell I'm doing; I adore animals, hope to be a veg-head for life, and love books/movies/TV shows with equal passion. As my url illustrates, I am and always will be, a Harmony shipper. I fell in love with this pairing the first time I ever picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, a deep abiding affection that continued through to the fifth book and it's subsequent movie incarnations. In my mind, HBP and DH, excepting the dance scene in the latter film, do not exist in my headcanon; I can only stand their mention in the fanfiction I read that "fix" what JKR broke. I'm also fascinated by DREW; essentially, I will reblog anything and everything Harmony/DREW related; that said, you can expect to find reblogs of various fandoms, especially for the otp that I love only second to Harmony, and that's Cesare and Lucrezia from Showtimes The Borgias. I've fallen absolutely head over heels for this pairing and if it bothers you in the least (being a brother/sister incest ship) then this may not be the blog for you 'cause I'm planning to relog/post A LOOOT of it...but if it doesn't and you love it as I do, then please hop aboard! (^~^) Oh, and unless expressly stated, NONE OF THE GIFS OR IMAGES I USE ARE MINE. Credit goes to those who are far more creative than I. Something else you should know is that I'm a bit of a gif slut, so if I can use a gif in a post or reblog, I will. If excessive pasting of gifs annoys you, I'm probably not the blog to follow. (^_^) You've been forewarned :) Welcome!

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